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FAQ On Site Auctions

How do I register to bid?
Only registered bidders can participate in our auctions. Go to the registration desk, provide staff with a business card and your contact information. We also require a small deposit at registration or a company check which will be put toward your purchase, or returned in the event you make no purchases. If you are tax exempt, bring in the tax exempt certificate. Please note certificate is only good for one year.

After you read our terms and conditions and sign your bidder card at the auction, you will receive a detailed catalog listing all the items with their descriptions in sale order. You will be given a designated Buyer number, and any purchases that you make during the sale will be recorded with this number. After your registration is approved you will receive your bidding number and you will be activated to bid.

How do I bid?
When the bidding for the auction begins you raise your bidding card indicating your desire to bid on current item. When the item being auctioned has reached its maxim bid the auctioneer will state "Sold to Bidder #________"

How do I pay for items that I won?
Currently, Industrial Auction Services accepts Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Cashiers Check, and Wire Transfers. When paying with a personal or company check we may request a Bank Letter of Guarantee.

Can I buy items before the auction?
No. The seller has decided that the best way to determine a fair selling price is to hold a public auction. If you are unable to bid at a sale we accept proxy bids.

If I win, who, how, and when do I pay?
At the end of the auction the IAS Staff will have an invoice ready for you.

What is a Buyer's Premium?
A Buyer Premium is an additional charge, 15%, which is added to the final selling price of an item. This is how most auctioneers get paid. For example, if a lot sold for $10.00 and there was a 15% Buyers Premium, there would be an additional $1.50 charged for a total of $11.50.

Interested in Items up for Bid at one of our Auctions?
All IAS, LLC. auctions are open to the public. Every item sells to the highest bidder as is, where is on sale days. You can inspect the equipment at all of our auctions before the sale. All items are organized in a logical fashion for easy viewing and comparison. We're happy to make any service records and manuals that we have on hand available to you. All items must be payed within the scheduled payment period.

Can't Make it to the Auction?
You can place a bid by proxy using our Bid-Proxy forms or by contacting our office prior to the sale -

(848)229-2500. Check to see if the Catalog for the Auction of interest to you is posted online. This normally occurs a few days before the sale.

Auction Time!
The auction starts promptly usually at 11 am. The auctioneer explains the terms and conditions of the auction, and the pace is quick, with one item selling every 40 - 60 seconds! Interested bidders follow the auctioneer as the auctioneer sells the items.

Tell Me About Bidding
The auctioneer announces the lot number and offers an ask price. If he does not receive a bid at this price, he will drop the price until someone starts the bidding. Bidding is easy - just raise your auction bidder card!

The Auctioneer will acknowledge the bidder.  Bidding continues until no more bids are offered. The auctioneer will then announce the lot as SOLD, and the process starts over again on the next lot.

Every item in a IAS auction sells unreserved to the highest bidder on auction day.

Several equipment removal specialist are at every auction to assist where needed; their contact information along with other sale specific information is available at each auction and on www.IND-Auctions.com. Once you've paid for your purchases in full, you may collect your equipment. 

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